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Fast Email Extractor and Email Campaigns Builder Software for Email Marketing

Fast Email Extractor and Email Campaign Builder Software for Email Marketing

Fast Email Extractor allows you to develop your own mailing list in a few minutes by extracting emails from keysearched relevant websites. 

Main facilities:
  • Domain email search
  • LinkedIn email search
  • Campany emails search
  • Free Email sender
  • Drip email campaigns builder
  • Email verifier
  • CSV Export

With Fast Email Extractor you can narrow down your search putting in keywords which web page or website address should contain or not. Scanning depth and website search restrictions are also available.

Fast Email Extractor supports keywords in any language and has more than 10 different search engines settings included so it makes your search country specific. Moreover, you can add your own local search engine!

You can order Fast Email Extractor at the most fair price of $49

snapshots of Fast Email Extractor and free trial download

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Email Campaign Builder  is a program with built-in tracking facilities to design HTML messages, send and monitor bulk personalized emails. Can be integrated with Fast Email Extractor which helps you to build an effective mass mailing system.  

Email Campaign Builder helps you to send emails you have just extract and validate with Email Checker. It helps you to make a highly targeted email follow-up campaign by easy drag and drop email blocks. Rich out your potential clients with free drip email campaign builder.

Full features list:

  • Сreate email campaigns with smart triggered follow-ups
  • Design custom email groups
  • Utilize visual follow-up email campaigns
  • Pick triggers suitable for each after email
  • Put your effort procedure on autopilot and get deals
  • Send customized chilly email crusades
  • Send mass email battles to expansive prospect records
  • Track email execution (open and snap following)
  • Get mailing insights
  • This element is free
  • Send messages to particular individuals from your contact records
  • Pick any prospects from your rundown
  • Send plain-content messages for better conveyance
  • Utilize factors in email subject and body for better answer and open rate
  • No charge per email
  • Send plain-content messages physically appropriate from the expansion
  • Make and send messages in a single step
  • Send messages while perusing your prospects' sites
  • Spare your email formats to send comparative messages less demanding
  • It's free until the end of time!

Email Campaigns Builder accepts mailing lists made in MS Excel, Access, Word, TXT or CSV files. This bulk mailer can import email contacts from your Outlook address book with one click or use mailing lists generated by our Fast Email Extractor or any other email harvester.

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