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Email Verifier for email validation. Clean your mailing list and reduce bounces.

Email Verifier

This is another email marketing program from AtomPark Software. The primary goal of this application is to reduce bounces flooding your mailbox folder each time after your are done with another mass mailing. Also almost all smtp servers, especially rented have mail quotas which limit you to a certain number of emails you can send daily or, say, per hour. Use your mail quota effectively, do not let abandoned email addresses steal it from you. 

Be aware that web based email services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact or smtp providers (Authsmtp, Unifiedmail) are very strict on bounces, if you get  1-5% of bounces from single mailing then get ready to go through reinstating your account the next day. Those who use such services understand importance of verification. Get rid of invalid emails as soon as you can.

Our Email Verifier performs three levels of verification to ensure email is good:

email verifier to validate email addresses. menu to select level

1. Verify email address syntax. For example, John%Doe @domain.com will be marked as invalid. Also it checks if there is double underscore, double dot, missing @ sign,  missing dot, etc. Syntax validation is performed according to RFC standards. 

2. Verify email domains. If email verifier says that website where email address is hosted is not available be sure that email address doesn't exist anymore. This is MX record verification.

3. Verify email addresses by pinging each email (no actual email is being sent). Software pings email addresses to see if a "welcome" response is received. Dead emails do not talk. But servers do, they will tell you if email address cannot pass verification and does not exist in a local table of recipients. This is called SMTP check.

Export verified e-mail addresses to CSV.

Under Export tab program allows saving valid email addresses into most popular formats. Export options are listed below.

email verifier export options. Save to Excel, txt, csv files etc

Export Wizard saves valid emails directly to txt, csv, xls, xlsx, doc, docx file formats. As a result you get a file with valid emails only on your hard drive. Optionally you can save invalid emails. 

Export emails to MS Excel. To export to Excel you should have MS Office installed on your machine since once emails are transferred, MS Excel Spreadsheet will show up with verification results. 

Export verified or bad emails to MS Word. This option does the same as MS Excel Export but results are being transferred to MS Word document. 

Export to Email Verifier Online . This is another service of AtomPark. If you are subscribed to this web based solution then click on a button to get emails exported to it. This might be needed if you like web based solutions and would like to keep your email list online. 

Copy good emails to clipboard. Use it to copy valid emails and then paste into any other program.

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Email Verifier Online

The main difference is you don't download it on your machine since it is web based. Good for those who have Macs and need to do some email validation. It is faster, can do million emails in a go, performs syntax and domain check, stores emails online as a backup. You may access it from different computers as opposite to software which can be used on one machine if you have a single license. 

So you may consider getting email verifier online. Sign up here to test online email validation.

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