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Email Campaign Builder for drip campaigns
Email Campaign Builder is designed as a software which can automate and make a process of sending mass mail as simple as possible.

With Email Campaign Builder you can:

  • Сreate email campaigns with smart triggered follow-ups
  • Design custom email groups
  • Utilize visual follow-up email campaigns
  • Pick triggers suitable for each after email
  • Put your effort procedure on autopilot and get deals
  • Send customized chilly email crusades
  • Send mass email battles to expansive prospect records
  • Track email execution (open and snap following)
  • Get mailing insights
  • This element is free
  • Send messages to particular individuals from your contact records
  • Pick any prospects from your rundown
  • Send plain-content messages for better conveyance
  • Utilize factors in email subject and body for better answer and open rate
  • No charge per email
  • Send plain-content messages physically appropriate from the expansion
  • Make and send messages in a single step
  • Send messages while perusing your prospects' sites
  • Spare your email formats to send comparative messages less demanding
  • It's free until the end of time!

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